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It is in our culture to share. And what we share best is our passion for sports. No meeting, no event, no celebration is complete without some form of sport. From football to cycling, trekking to water polo, we try our hands at anything that spells SPORT.

If you do exactly that, YOU should be in this picture. If you are one of those who likes the idea of it, and would like to be one of us, you could explore opportunities with us too.

If you are one of those who watches all the fun but does not participate, this probably isn't the place for you. We are action-oriented and energetic and need people who fit that bill.


We are people who like to learn; learn from others, from our peers, from books, and also learn from our mistakes.

We hire those who are passionate, who like numbers, who are responsible, who are pioneers and share our vision.

We hire people who believe in working hands-on and are grounded, people who are result-oriented with a will to win, but who can also accept defeat and learn from their mistakes. We hire people who like to taste the result of their efforts, who are tough, resilient and hard working.

We don't hire people only for their degrees or qualifications.


There are no two ways about it. Customer or employee, we like to see them smiling.

In this pursuit, the customer is our boss and we make sure we keep the boss happy. We do what it takes to hear, understand and find a solution to any query, complaint or request.

A person who is honest, helpful, friendly, optimistic, generous, and who is a team player should find no barrier to play on our team.

We will hire ordinary people who will do together extraordinary things.
What is it really like to work with us? We'll let the team tell you...
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